Available Land

With parks on both sides of the county, committed business partners within the community, and affordable land available - Hendry County has plenty of available land for any organization looking to grow.

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Industry & Occupation Profile

Download these reports to get more information on certain industries, occupations, and programs & completions in Hendry County.

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County & City Demographics

Access comprehensive demographic data for Hendry County, Clewiston & Labelle – including current data, as well as 10 year projections.

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In addition to an advantageous location with proximity to global ports, Hendry County has the infrastructure in place to support major business growth.

Advantages to Manufacturing in Hendry

  • Water for cooling and heating
  • Power capacity (electric and natural gas)
  • Available housing and residential land stock
  • Plentiful and affordable land for businesses
  • A ready, willing and able workforce to be trained
  • Education facilities with capacity to incorporate training programs
  • A short line railroad (SCFE) that is well run and ready to move freight via CSX and FEC
  • State of the Art “Gateway Logistics and Manufacturing Training Center”
  • US 27 and SR 80 capacity (four and six lane divided) with connectivity to the I-4 corridor, South East and Southwest Florida