Manufacturing & Distribution

Location, Workforce, Land, Affordability. Check! Hendry County is "Plug & Play."

Why Florida?

  • Cost of Doing Business in Florida is less than other markets
  • 15 Deep Water Ports
  • 19 Commercial Airports
  • Over 2700 miles of Rail
  • Over 12,000 Miles of State highway systems
  • Center of Commerce for Brazil, Chile, Columbia, Panama, and many others.
  • Well-Trained workforce
  • Zero Personal Income Tax
  • Pro business Tax Structure
  • Florida is the 21st Largest Economy in the world

Why Southern Florida?

If you are going to be in Florida, you need to be in the Southern half of Florida.

  • 20 Million full time residents in the State of Florida, 100 million visitors annually, 11 million permanent residents in the southern half
  • Superior logistics location to reach Five Major Metropolitan areas with significant “buying power”
    • Miami
    • Fort Lauderdale/West Palm Beach
    • Orlando
    • Tampa/St. Petersburg/ Bradenton/Sarasota, and
    • Naples/FT. Myers
  • Gateway to the Americas (export & import)
  • Three of the world’s busiest “truly international” airports
    • Miami
    • Orlando
    • Tampa
  • Area well suited for Mega Projects
  • Multi-lingual Workforce

Why Hendry?

  • US 27 and SR 80 capacity (four and six lane divided) with connectivity to the I-4 corridor, Southeast and Southwest Florida
  • Away from congested coastal areas
  • A short line railroad (SCFE) that is well run and ready to move freight via CSX and FEC
  • A ready, willing and able workforce ready to be trained in new industries
  • State of the Art “Gateway Logistics and Manufacturing Training Center” with Education facilities and capacity to incorporate training programs
  • Plentiful and affordable land for businesses
  • Available housing and residential land stock
  • Power capacity (electric and natural gas)
  • Water for cooling and heating