Hendry County - A Good Decision. Oh, and it's beautiful here too.

Increasing living costs, lack of rental supply, and exponential growth and traffic in neighboring counties make the more affordable, quiet, and easy to navigate community of Hendry County a great option.

Employees and their families want a quality of life

New Factors

Businesses looking to grow or expand must choose a location that works for their employees.

Where traditional lifestyle factors still matter to most, emerging workforce and younger families are placing increased value on communities with access to nature and outdoor activity, ample & available natural assets, and prioritized focus on revitalizing historical urban districts.

Living a Quality Life

Florida is a great state for business, and to live. However, increasing living costs and disproportionate wage increases are driving younger workers to look for a community that will work for their budget.

Cost is a good place to start when evaluating if Hendry living is what you're looking for.  The value of our community is much more than just cost.

"In Hendry, cost of living is more about the LIVING than the cost."

Hendry Living Costs Rival Most Florida Counties
At a Rating of 10.5, Hendry County Ranks at the Top in Florida
Funded, Supported, and Active


644 S Main Street, Labelle, FL, 33935, USA