Hendry County EDC Membership


It is a great time to be a part of Hendry County.

My commitment to you as a supporter of the Hendry County Economic Development Council is to deliver a return on your investment.  I have worked closely with my board to outline a strategic plan focused on the initiatives most critical to improving our community.  Execution of our plan will be collaborative, and both local business and community partners will help drive the success of these initiatives.  Beginning immediately, our targeted committees will begin work on the following areas:

  • Talent Development and Retention
  • Community Development
  • Local Business Growth and Investment   

The objectives tied to our new plan, with defined timelines, will be formally released at our investor breakfast this fall.  To offer immediate value to our investor community, we will begin offering services upon phased release of the new website this summer.

Please continue to check our new site as valuable information and tools will be added, as well as links to events, programs, and EDC announcements.

I am excited to move our organization forward, and ask that you continue your support of our efforts.  Your investment of time and money into our community effort is a key element to our success.    

On behalf of the Economic Development Council Board, and staff, we thank you.  


Brent Kettler

Executive Director