Small Business Development

Improve ability of local business landscape to scale, collaborate, and succeed

Focus Areas

  • Employee hiring/retention
  • Access to, influence over training/certification programming offered
  • Creation of/assistance with business owner collaboration community

Talent Development

Create a sustainable base of high-value, educated, and committed local workforce

Leverage industry/occupational growth patterns to drive/enable policies, programs and efforts that position Hendry County as a more coveted place to live and work

Focus Areas

  • Identify and assess the key deficiencies present in current workforce  •
  • Prioritize target demographics and necessary support  •
  • Creation of, and strategic direction for local intern/mentor network  •
  • Collection/aggregation of next generation leaders; Solicitation of various generational needs/perceptions, with intent to create a cohesive cross-generational community aimed at continuous improvement  •

Asset & Community Development

Unify community improvement groups towards a more defined, complementary, and attainable plan aligned with economic prosperity for the future of Hendry County   

Focus Areas

  • Identification of, and prioritization of needed assets (i.e. hotel, entertainment, housing, wellness, social mobility, etc.)
  • Collaborative planning to keep/attract key demographics
  • Plan to optimize natural assets more effectively

Strategic Funding

Identify high priority, high return projects and the funding vehicles needed to execute as quickly as possible

Focus Areas

  • Identification of the highest return, most economical, quickest projects for the community  •
  • Evaluation/Assessment of most relevant/attainable grant sources  •
  • Project strategy/timeline/ownership  •
  • Regional/County/Municipal partnership(s)  •