General Questions

The Hendry County EDC is a stand alone, 501c6 non-profit organization.

Cash incentives and rebates are not available through our office.

We are always accepting applications and requests for full and part time internships at the EDC. Please email your resume to for consideration.

Absolutely.  We have several regional partners and programs that can enable you to begin exporting or expanding business outside of the US.  Please email for more information.

Specific Questions

The current Hendry County tax abatement offering is handled on a case by case basis, and decided upon by our County BOCC.  For more information on how to request, or look into the potential of leveraging this service, please call or email our office.

There are several ways that we can assist with a new start up idea.  Your best first step is to email our business development manager, Ruben Puente at to schedule a phone or office meeting.

Our board is always looking for strong community and business leaders to join our charge.  The process for being offered a board position requires a majority vote.  If you have interest in joining, please email us directly to set up a time to meet and discuss.  Inquiries should be sent to